Pets getting into the food truck craze?

The Great Food Truck Race is the perfect example of what seems to be a food revolution across the nation. With the economy a little on the shaky side food trucks offer a more economical alternative to a traditional restaurant and a little more excitement. Tiki's Ice Cream TruckThere is something adventurous about the food truck experience, watching your food being made to order right in front of you.

San Antonio is right at the forefront of this new trend, with several food truck parks popping up across the city. There are two pet friendly ones that have been confirmed in the San Antonio area and they are Boardwalk on Bulverde and The Park at Summer Glen.

Something interesting about this movement is that tastes from all over the world are now traveling around our city and can be found in one convenient little application for you smartphone in an instant. Earlier this year mySA posted an article about the food truck application called SA Food Truck Finder that brings residents and tourists alike together to enjoy the rich flavors of our multicultural city.

With this new movement in food begins an even more unique experience for our pets. Popping up across the world, that’s right world, are now pet ice cream trucks offering cool tasty treats for our four-legged companions. The world’s first ice cream truck for dogs, K99, was created in England serving up pet friendly ice cream flavors that include “dog eat hog world” and “canine cookie crunch”.

We as Americans weren’t too far behind the British in the concept of pet food trucks because just earlier this year a pet lover in Maryland launched his very own ice cream truck for dogs, Tiki’s Playhouse, serving not only ice cream for dogs but also all natural¬†holistic dog treats. The pet ice cream trucks are in high demand traveling to area dog parks, private events, and even community events. I have yet to see one of these pet treat dispensing trucks driving around in San Antonio, but it would sure be nice to have a pet friendly ice cream truck at Bark in the Park — Perrito Grito next year!

Keep your heads high and tails waggin’ San Antonio!


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